Fast rising stoner/psych giants, HydroElectric, have just set their controls for the heart of the sun, and are rapidly gaining momentum in the Northeast heavy music scene.  The band creates an alternate consciousness around their music. Utilizing heavy, catchy riffs, psychedelic synth washes, pounding drums, and moving bass lines, each song tells a story that is different from the next. The songs convey anger, sadness, triumph, love, hate, truth, lies, and ultimate deceit in each adventure.  The current material has already been captured on the band's forthcoming debut album, “Space Dirt”.  It’s a 9 track event, including guest musicians such as, J.Mascis and Murph from Dinosaur Jr., as well as an assist on the limited edition single from Darryl Shepard of Milligram and Black Pyramid. The album was tracked, mixed, and mastered primarily at Slaughterhouse Recording Studio by Mark Miller. Other locations include Green Rack Audial Kitchen and Bisquiteen Studio with Justin Pizzoferrato.
         Each member has a long musical lineage that draws from past & present projects, such as Architectural Metaphor, Palace In Thunderland, and Donut Kings.  The influences of the individual members converge in a union of the heavy 70's rock such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Wishbone Ash, and Pentagram.  Also present is influence of some modern space rock classics like Monster Magnet, Clutch, Soundgarden, The Atomic Bitchwax, and Tool.


Monte Newman-Guitar/Vox

Monte Newman started his musical adventure in the 4th grade playing violin. By the following year, he switched to saxophone, which he still played throughout his years in middle and high school. He was in school marching band, concert band, pep band, jazz band, and received numerous awards such as Master Level Musician (Tri-M) and was 1st chair throughout his career.
Monte picked up the guitar around the 6th grade, and was primarily self-taught, playing with other musician friends over the years. Early on, he experimented with distortion, fuzz, and delay, which later led to his addiction for acquiring gear and making spaceship landing noises and the like.

The aspiring musician also dabbled in drums & percussion, as well as vocals and keyboards. All around, he began to immerse himself in music… period.

In high school, he teamed up with many other talented musicians, which later led to projects such as String BEAM, Skyball, Palace In Thunderland, and now HydroElectric. There were a lot of other projects in between, but far too many to mention.
Skyball was a garage-type band that eventually turned into the better-known stoner/psych rock band “Palace In Thunderland”.  Along with fellow founding members, Adam Abrams (Blue Aside, Freight Train) and Andy Beresky (Black Pyramid), and Matt Netto (Blue Aside, former HydroElectric), the band recorded a couple of EP’s and a previously unreleased album entitled “The Apostles Of Silence”.  This album was recorded with the help of Justin Pizzoferrato. (Engineer for Dinosaur Jr., Witch, Black Pyramid, and many other well-known stoner rock bands) Sadly, after 7 long years of adventures and shows all around New England, Palace called it a day…

String BEAM was an acoustic quartet that also made some headlines and frequently sold out places like The Iron Horse Music Hall, and many others as well. At its zenith, they toured with a choreographer and 14 ballet dancers.

HydroElectric… this band arose from the ashes of Palace In Thunderland. After Palace called it a day in the summer of 2008, the remaining members formed a band called “Solar Flare Mistress”. This band only had a couple of shows before it fell apart. Left behind was the drummer Matt Netto (now Blue Aside), and Monte. They began working on material for the next project that was briefly known as Project Isolation. It was more of a recording project, where all instruments and tracks were played by the two musicians. Later, Paul Eggleston was added on keys & synths (Architectural Metaphor/ Bionaut), more recently, Rikk Desgres on bass (Donut Kings/ Jen Tobey’s Alter Ego), and now Paul Picard on drums. Now begins HydroElectric… a stoner/psych/metal project that has finally found its way out of the basement and onto stages near you….
Monte has worked with a wide variety of talented people, including Vicki Tetreault, a seasoned pro vocalist/ songwriter from Quebec, Canada. They have played at the Iron Horse, and are currently working on a new acoustic-electric project for release in the near future.

Throughout the past 15 years, Monte has also been experimenting with home studio recording, and eventually earned a degree in Recording Engineering from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. He worked for The Iron Horse Entertainment Group, Theatrix, and many other companies doing sound, lighting, and recording, from small college shows to weddings, to huge tours for Terrapin Presents, and more…

All of the hard work and adventures have led us to the present. Monte has a home studio, where he currently writes & records his own solo work, as well as HydroElectric material, and the upcoming material for the project with Vicki Tetreault, to be called Borderline Angel. Many good things are soon to come from this character. Stay tuned for more info and music…

Monte’s GEAR:

Amps & Cabs:
Green Matamp GTO 100 Watt (custom hand made from Radiocraft in England)
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Avatar Custom cabs (4x12’s)
Analogman Pedals:
Boss DS-1 Pro Mod
AstroTone Fuzz
Ibanez TS-808 True Vintage Mod
Boss DD-6 Delay with High Cut & Chip Mod
Catalinbread Pedals:
Super Charged Overdrive
Dirty Little Secret
Boss Pedals:
TU-2 Tuner
RE-201 Space Echo
Electro Harmonix Pedals:
Holy Grail Reverb
Nano Dr. Q
Xotic Pedals:
RC Booster
Vox Pedals:
Clyde McCoy Wah
Maxxon Pedals:
Behringer Pedals:
Acoustic Processor
Reverb Machine
Voodoo Labs Pedals:
4-way Amp Selector/ Switcher
Power Supplies:
BBE SupaCharger
Furman Power Conditioners
Godlyke Power-All
George L’s Custom Cables
Planet Waves Cable Station
Monster Rock
Dunlop Tortex Yellow & Red
Fender Medium
Ernie Ball Regular Slinky

Paul Eggleston -Keyboards

Paul was a founding member of the space rock band Architectural Metaphor. Progressing from free form acid jams in a basement, the loose collective drew itself up and stormed the Boston area in the late 80's. A staple of college radio DJs and freaks of the time, they performed live on the air at WMFO Tufts University, WJUL ULowell and WZBC Boston College many times. They are most known in this early period for their shows with the seminal space rock band Hawkwind in Boston and NYC. Through the years they also opened for Gong, Ozric Tentacles, Legendary Pink Dots, Pere Ubu, Alan Holdsworth and others.
Architectural Metaphor was also a mainstay of the Strange Daze festival from 1997-2000 that showcased the best of the USA space rock scene. Hawkwind in various forms headlined this festival. They also received enough attention to be included on Cleopatra Records 3 cd set Space Box which highlighted both past and current space rock bands. This led to their inclusion on Cleopatra's King Crimson tribute album Schizoid Dimension and Genesis tribute album The Fox Lies Down. They released an album on the Italian label Black Widow on cd and lp in 1997.
In early 2000 they started to jam with Murph from Dinosaur Jr and the Lemonheads, who joined in late 2000. The live album Other Music features Murph with Paul and Greg Kozlowski and garnered worldwide reviews. An album with vocalist Andrea Aguayo is set to be released later this year, the first studio recordings of this lineup.(myspace.com/architecturalmetaphor)

Paul was a member of the improvisational outfit Wank Factor Seven and Rising that toured with Mike Watt in 1998. J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr and Kurt Fedora rounded out this trio. When Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine joined for a show, the attention and buzz was too much, and J decided that the low profile ethos of the band was disappearing. This led to the band's quick extinction.

He had a brief stint with the notorious Unband in the mid 90's, but their auto destruct stage act proved to be quite deleterious to the health of his synth rig.

He is also a founding member of Bionaut, an instrumental synth duo based on Cape Cod but usually seen in NYC. Sounding like Klaus Schulze melted onto Tangerine Dream circa 1976, Bionaut has mangled many minds from Strange Daze to raves. Their all night concerts in Soho left many confused, perplexed and pacified. Up to thirty five vintage synths participated in these shows, piloted by Paul and Chris Green. This band has toured across the east coast. The gear set up is often awe inspiring in that it can be transported, set up and broken down without casualties. They have received world wide attention, with radio play and magazine articles from Spain to Moscow, and parts in between.

Paul's synth rig for HydroElectric is deceptively simple for those familiar with the Bionaut rig. Moog Little Phatty, Korg Karma and Dave Smith's re creation of the Prophet 5, the recent Prophet 8 make up the rig with the help of Line Six Echo Park. The Dave Smith Mopho and Emu Vintage Keys have been known to make an appearance, as has the Roland SH-32 analog modeling synth. A fraction of the forty or so synths in the arsenal, but effective.
"take Hawkwind, Monster Magnet, Pink Floyd and a smidgen of Tangerine Dream. Add a pinch of tranquilizers, pain killers, psychotropic materials and herbs. Cook for three months. Serves 10,000."

Rikk Desgres-Bass /Vox

Rikk is a veteran of the New England original music scene. As a founding member of the Donut Kings, Rikk has released 7 albums with them including the acclaimed FAPLUNK in 1999. That album has spanned multiple internet hits including Monster Surf Boogie, the Christmas favorite I Wanna Be Santaded, and the best seller remake of Clean Living's remake of In Heaven There is No Beer.

Rikk played on the 1991 Redline album Dreams, and appeared with the Donut Kings as the backing band for Kelly in 1997. He did a stint in Jen Tobey's Alter Ego from 2008-2009. in 2009 recorded with Paul Picard in the short lived Casting Shadows. Rikk has been playing with HydroElectric since November 2009.

Rikk uses Rickenbacker bases and Avatar bass cabinets.

Paul Picard-Drums

Paul started his music career when he was 18 years old as a guitar player in a Massachusetts based band called Empty Bottle Saviors in 1998. The band enjoyed the small club circuit but was not able to move beyond that. It officially ended in 2001 when Paul left the band as he was about to become a new father. After a couple of years of just working and being a father and husband Paul traded in his beloved Jackson and picked up his first drum set. “I always had an interest in playing drums” says Paul. After a few years of self teaching Paul joined the Pop-Punk group The Dear John Dance Party and co-wrote and recorded an EP in the winter of 2008. The group would go on to play only one gig as the other members were much younger and were moving off to college in various parts of the country. It was at this point that Paul met Rikk to work on a new group with guitarist Jeremy Viens and singer Laura Beynon to form another project known as Casting Shadows. This ended in 2009 as Laura had to go away to college as well. Then in May 2010 Rikk called Paul up and mentioned HydroElectric. “It was perfect timing, I was really looking for a band that had experience and wanted to gig out”. “The guys are great and it has been a very good fit for my playing style”. “I am very excited to be part of this journey and I look forward to making new friends and fans on the road”.

Paul uses Pearl Drums and Percussion, Pro-Mark drum sticks and Sabian cymbals.

Paul’s influences include: Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Dave Matthews Band, Better Than Ezra, Pink Floyd, Kenny Arnoff, Mike Mangini and many more.

Space Dirt