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After 3 years of gigs and an album HydroElectric has decided to call it a night. This summer Paul Picard gave his notice. In his stead we had the pleasure and honor to play with legendary Roadhorse drummer Vinny Falkowski. Monte Newman left in September wanting to focus full time on the re-united Palace in Thunderland.
Could HydroElectric come back? Never say never. In the meantime we have CDs, tee-shirts and stickers available.

Thank you to all who came out to shows to support the band.

You can find ex-HydroElectric members here:
Monte Newman: Palace in Thunderland
Paul Eggleston: Architectural Metaphor, Bionaut
Rikk Desgres: Donut Kings, Creature Machine
Vinny Falkowski: Roadhorse, Creature Machine


Check out the review of Space Dirt in the Valley Advocate.

HydroElectric's Debut album released on February 14 on Catseyesoup Records. Order yours today. Special guest apperences by Dinosaur Jr's J Mascis and Murph.


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